About SOMA
The word soma has different meanings in philosophy and psychology. In ancient philosophy, it refers to the physical body and sensory experience of an individual, while in modern psychology, it is used to describe the connection between the body and mind.
In simple terms, mind and soma interrelate. The wellness of one means the wellness of the other.

Holistic SOMA invites you to experience a healthier life and well-being with its tailor-made therapeutic massages in a safe environment. Based in Manuka Health Centre, Petone, Lower Hutt.

Including professional massage therapy in your routine will help you:
- Unwind and deal with stress.
- Promote wellbeing by relaxing the muscles,
- Improve blood circulation,
- Enhance mobility and release toxins.

I will provide you with a safe and trustworthy space to explore the benefits of quality treatments. With accessible and free parking at the doorstep of the clinic and there is a lift in case you need it.